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Dayshift: Start Where You Are (Smashwords Edition)

Dawn's latest book is filled with gems that remind us that personal growth is a lifelong endeavor. By accepting the book's daily invitations to increase our awareness, ...

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Dayshift: Start Where You Are (Amazon Edition)

Dayshift: Start Where You Are (Amazon Edition)

Dawn's latest book is filled with gems that remind us that personal growth is a lifelong endeavor. By accepting the book's daily invitations to increase our awareness, ...

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DayShift: Start Where You Are is filled with gems that remind us that personal growth is a lifelong endeavor. By accepting the book's daily invitations to increase our awareness, we can build powerful habits that create lasting results.


Here’s what others say about Dawn, her presentations, her writings…


Dawn Brown spoke to a large and varied group of therapists, counselors, managers and other staff from the addiction and mental health services of our hospital. She brought with her a vibrant message of growth through perception shift and control through personal ownership. Her message resonated with the audience as Dawn skillfully joined with and adapted to our group. Feedback was excellent. Staff left feeling renewed and happy. Our afternoon with Dawn was a great success for us and I thank her for her energy and commitment to empowerment.

Greg McMillan
Director, Community Mental Health Programs
Cornwall Community Hospital

I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation during our luncheon in celebration of Nurses Week. Your wealth of knowledge, experience and insights that you shared, was truly inspiring. The effect is still being felt in our workplace. Individuals are giving serious thought to the issues of self-care, your name continues to be mentioned and your phrases coined. Your human touch lingers with us still. Once again, thank you for refreshing and encouraging us.

Janissa Read
Senior Manager
Canada Pension Plan    

I wanted to thank you for the superb Happiness Workshop on Friday in Pembroke. Your material was excellent, thought provoking and meaningful. Your presentation was world class and the interaction with the audience showed me that you are not only a dynamic speaker but also an active listener. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Dorothy Garlough

Your presentation met our expectations thoroughly, in terms of offering relevant, enlightening, and thought-provoking information. 83% of participants rated the conference as excellent or very good. 97.9% of participants rated your presentation as excellent.

Afonso da Silva
Communications and Marketing Manager
Canadian Home Economics Association

Dawn’s very own approach was instrumental in the success of the event. Throughout her presentation she managed to combine her sense of humor, her expertise and her passion for life to convey a very strong and positive message about the choices we, as individuals, have to make to reach a higher level of achievement and to gain ownership of our own destiny. Participants also appreciated her story telling approach. They recognized themselves in the stories and were able to make a direct link between the tools mentioned throughout the presentation and the opportunities to use them in their own lives.

Diane Rochon
Human Resources Advisor and Coordinator for International Women’s Day
Statistics Canada

The feedback from participants was very positive. They left your workshop on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace with a greater sense of self-awareness and tools to help manage their emotions. The concept of perception and learning to apply this when reflecting on situations and relationships will be beneficial, particularly in our environment which focuses significantly on teamwork.

Laurie Dojeiji
Organizational Development Specialist
MDS Nordion

Our guests just loved you! You gave them an evening of insights and laughter. Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.

Dziyana Minich
Evening Program Director
New Age Health Spa, New York

You are simply a true inspiration. For me you were the trigger for making some major changes in my life, personal as well as professional. Your message is so simple, but so needed to be said! You made workable for me something that was there inside of me, but not able to come out yet. I would really like to thank you for your inspirational words and your book.

Bianca Hartman
The Netherlands

In addition to speaking most effectively to a group of 100, Dawn’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience helped shape the content and organization of the theme panel.

Elizabeth Reicker
University of Ottawa

Thank you for providing such an informative and inspirational workshop for my teaching and administrative staff. Your helpful and upbeat presentation emphasized wellness from an emotional and mental health perspective. By delivering in such an honest and humorous manner, your anecdotes were so well received and left a lasting impression on how we can better take care of ourselves.

Mary Ann S. Turnbull
Turnbull Learning Centre Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario

I can’t thank you enough for your book. As a professional communicator, I applaud you for writing such a clearly written, understandable, common sense book. It is wonderful. I loved it. And, found it very useful. You can be assured that I will purchase many more for Christmas and birthday presents.

Judith Yaworsky
Communications Consultants Limited

Thank you for signing my copy of your book at chapters here in Vancouver on December 4th of last year. Attending your presentation was my birthday gift to myself and has turned out to be my best gift in years. I’ve struggled with the whole concept that my perception in any particular situation could affect my response to the event. Your book has become my resource bible on the subject and I have recommended it to others. I would also like to complement your writing style and book presentation. Your book is easy to read and understand.

Sincerely, Merry

(That Perception Thing!)…It’s terrific: draws you in, lovely use of language… clearly well-informed… extremely insightful and thought-provoking.

Susan Schwartz
Montreal Gazette

Thanks for your article on dealing with rejection. Several friends in the high tech industry are feeling pretty rejected right now because they’ve been laid off and the article helps. Your perspective helps in staying on track, being “in the moment”, and letting go of the need to control everything. There is good in EVERYTHING that comes our way.

Annette Repstock
Marketing Specialist

Too often in life, we tend to forget what is truly important – beginning with self-respect and love. Your article on happiness is an important reminder of these inner values to strive for. I hope that others take the time to read your work, as it is encouraging and uplifting. Thus, again, my thanks for your creative clarity and words of wisdom.

P. Lacroix

You made a very big difference in my life and altered the course of my history. You helped open a new door. You helped me feel better about myself.

Greg Gerrie
Former client & author of Fired Up For Life – How To Get and Stay Motivated